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the CDXblog.
As a counterpoint to @landerandrew’s post this morning… THIS is what 4 days of vacation should feel like.  (at Beauty Bar)
Monday. #meh (at Charlotte Russe Headquarters)
#tbt 5 years ago I left Los Angeles for Boston.
Simply one of the most beautiful albums ever. #kdlang  (at Blue Bottle Coffee At Heath Ceramics)
ZOMG. Remember when this thing happened? #ladygaggag #timehop
One of the best times in recent memory is sharing a day with Andrew, TJ, and Catie in Bemidji (of all places!?) #tbt
OMG. Remember #secretcity ? A post from @gogo_jaime today reminded me.  (at Geary Blvd)
A little crabby.  (at Huntington Beach Pier)
Farmer Andrew.
The Simpsons Take The Bowl with Weird Al, Conan O’Brien, the LA Gay Men’s Chorus and almost the full cast of the show. #hollywoodbowl (at Hollywood Bowl)
Babehs holding babies.  (at Downtown Los Angeles)
The rumors are true- Taco Bell opened a ‘high-end’ cantina and it’s pretty dang good! #tacos (at U.S. Taco Co)
This is inappropriate weather for September. #sweaty
#tbt to this past weekend when I made Mac ‘n Cheese with Cheetos crust. #cdxcooks